Forest Hills Resort-The perfect Weekend Getaway

The Resort

As soon as the lockdown restrictions were relaxed in Mumbai, I planned a short weekend trip to Forest Hills Resort at Tala to beat pandemic blues. The resort is an Eco Retreat which is a rare combination of privacy and luxury. Tucked away in a forest close to the Tala caves, it is truly an indulgence for the senses. Acres of lush greenery and serene water bodies surround the resort which is positioned beautifully on the edge of a valley. Forest Hills Tala had multiple categories of accommodation which included beautiful Cottages, stunning Container Villas, spectacular Barn Cabins, captivating Tree Houses, mud huts, luxury tent houses and a unique Glass House.

Mud Houses Forest Hills Resort

Situated in Raigad, Forest Hills is about 160 kilometers away from Mumbai and Pune. By road, it takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach the place.

Whether you are a nature lover or adventure seeks there’s a lot to do at Forest Hills Resort Tala. From Nature Trails to horse riding to kayaking, there’s something in store for everyone. We had booked a 2 day package at the resort which was inclusive of 4 meals-Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea and Dinner. Although I was dying to stay at their Glass House, unfortunately it was closed for repair and maintenance. We eventually opted for a Wooden Cabin which was equally impressive. There’s also a camp site within the resort campus which hosts movie and musical nights, Stargazing and Astrophotography Bootcamps coupled with blazing bonfire and sizzling barbeque. You may explore the activities at Forest Hills Tala website

Glass House Forest Hills Resort

For animal lovers and proud pet owners, Forest Hills Resort is a perfect destination. Not only is it pet friendly but also has a petting zoo with animals like country horses, turkeys, ducks, black roosters and more.

Day 1 at Forest Hills Resort Tala

We reached the resort at 10am and straightaway headed for Nature Trail leading to the historical Kuda caves. Kuda Caves excavated centuries back are simple Buddhist caves. You will be able to feel the tranquility of nature embraced by the spiritual touch of Buddhist monks who once lived here.

Nature Trail

On our way back we stopped to witness the beauty of the resort’s organic farms where they grow fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. The resort serves chemical-free and nutritious food using the farms’ produce.

After a packed morning session, we headed for our lunch in their pool facing restaurant. The scorching heat and the clear blue waters enticed us to take the plunge in the swimming pool. The highlight was when were communicated that the restaurant has a policy of serving food on floating trays to customers who are enjoying a session of swimming but are hungry as well !

The hearty meal and the swimming session required a mandatory afternoon nap to enjoy the sunset along with high tea & evening snacks at The Machan in the resort.

Machan, Tala, Sunset point

We woke up energized and excited to witness the spectacular sunset and believe me it was breathtakingly beautiful. We spent close to 2 hours soaking in the beauty of the sight.

As the sun started setting, we were treated to a candle light dinner by the swimming pool.

We went for a small night walk and then decided to call it a day.

Infinity Pool

Day 2 at Forest Hills Resort Tala

The next day was action packed with adrenaline thumping activities lined up in the first half of the day. We started with taking a tour of the property and were amazed with the kind of thought put into creating this ecotel resort.

Once done with the property tour with straightaway headed to soak ourselves in some high octane action. We tried our hands at archery, rifle shooting, Horse Riding, ATV and Segway. Experts were supervising the safety of guests. We still had some energy left in us which is when we headed for the kayaking session.

After a physically engaging session, we went in for a pampering Massage Therapy at the Resort’s spa. The spa offers Aromatherapy, Balinese massages and more for body and mind rejuvenation.

Nature View

There’s nothing more soothing then a good night’s sleep after an action packed day. We slept early as we had to head for Mumbai the next day. We made sure that we set our alarm to witness the calming sunrise the property witnesses. It was indeed a sight to behold.

We had our breakfast, thanked the property care takers for the comfortable stay and started our return journey to Mumbai after having wonderful time at the resort.

For anyone wanting to escape the busy life of Mumbai, Forest Hills Resort Tala is the perfect getaway !

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